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Cement Grinding Plant

Cement Grinding Plant
crusher, dryer, cement mill, packaging machine, dust collector, hoist, conveyor, etc.
Processing materials
cement clinker, gypsum, mixed materials, etc.
Production capacity
50-2000 TPD

The cement grinding station is a cement finished product production unit that separates the final finished product stage in cement production. At this stage, the cement clinker is added to an appropriate amount of mixed materials for grinding to produce finished cement. The layout of cement production is to build cement clinker production lines in mining areas and cement grinding stations near the cement sales market to reduce transportation costs. If the clinker production line is built near the city, for every 1t of clinker produced, about 1.6t of raw cement is needed, which will increase the transportation cost by 60%. If the cement grinding station and the clinker production line are built together in the mine, since most of the mixed materials are waste slag generated in the city, these mixed materials have to be transported to the cement factory built near the mine, and then transported to the city after being ground into cement. Increased transportation costs. Therefore, the clinker production line must be built near the mine, and the cement grinding station must be built near the market. Cement grinding station is a green industry.

Cement Grinding Plant

Main features of cement grinding plant:

1. The batching system adopts automatic quantitative feeding and metering device, which improves the precision of batching and stabilizes the production quality.
2. According to the customer's raw materials, tube mills or vertical roller mills are used to produce qualified cement.
3. The production system adopts a closed circuit to reduce the energy consumption of cement grinding. The single line scale ranges from 15tpd to 1500tpd, which has covered the different production needs of cement plants.

4. Adoption of High efficiency air classifier and pulse type bag filter have created the circumstance for energy saving and energy consumption reduction.
5. The mill and air classifier have adopt 3D computer design, which have reasonable structure and reliable operation.
6. The grinding system have adopt best ventilation air volume design, which will reduce the installed capacity.
7. Plant have high automation level, the operating process will adopt DCS central control system for adjustment, control and alarm in master control room, then the whole plant have less operator and also increase the working efficiency.

Cement grinding is the last process of cement manufacturing and the process that consumes the most electricity. Its main function is to grind cement clinker (and retarder, performance adjustment materials, etc.) to a suitable particle size (expressed in fineness, specific surface area, etc.) to form a certain particle gradation and increase its hydration area. Accelerate the hydration rate and meet the requirements of cement paste coagulation and hardening.

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The cement clinker grinding plant or cement grinding station acts as an individual production line in the last period of the cement production process. In the finished product period, the cement clinker is ground by adding moderate mixing materials and then forms the finished cement
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