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Gold Wash Plant

Gold Wash Plant
Feeding Process Washing and Screening Process Rough Beneficiation Process Beneficiation Process
Processing materials
Alluvial gold ore,dry land, beachside, stream, river gold, placer/alluvial gold wash plant, etc.
Production capacity
Customizable, up to 300TPH

The gold washing plant is a kind of mechanical equipment mainly used for the separation of placer gold. The gold washing plant can be loaded manually or by the loader to the silo, and the materials are washed and screened by the trommel screen or rotary scrubber. The large particle waste is discharged, and the remaining materials are selected by the agitating chute or fixed chute.

Types of Gold Washing Plant
The wash plants have different structure types: portable/mobile, trailer-mounted, skid-mounted, and fixed mounted for easy land transportation and quick on-site installation.

Mobile Trommel Gold Wash Plant,Trommel Scrubber Customer case

Your gold wash plant needs are unique. We specialize in offering custom gold wash plant solutions designed to meet the specific needs of small-scale prospectors, large mining operations, and everything in between.

Our commitment to excellence and innovation ensures we deliver efficient, durable, cost-effective gold recovery solutions.

Placer gold Washing plant mainly includes the following 4 work processes: feeding process, washing and screening process, rough beneficiation process, beneficiation process and dewatering process.

1. Gold Wash Plant Work Processes

gold washing plant machine
1.1 Feeding Process
A feed hopper equipped with a grid screen can block large stones out, and a spray pipe lined with the hopper makes the mineral muddy.

1.2. Washing and Screening Process

The clay scrubber uses grinding teeth to break up and wash away the clay, dissociating the clay and the placer gold particles.

Heavy-duty placer gold trommel is used for washing and screening of placer gold ore.

1.3 Rough Beneficiation Process
After washing and screening, the gold ore is divided into two grades, and enters the placer gold beneficiation chute and centrifuge for ore beneficiation to obtain coarse concentrate.

1.4 Beneficiation Process
The coarse concentrate obtained by the roughing process is then selected by a shaker, and finally the concentrate is obtained.

Gold Wash Plant Result & Features
1. Large processing capacity, 100-150 tons per hour.
2. High recovery rate, specially designed according to the customer’s mining situation to ensure the highest recovery rate.
3. Facilitate transition. According to customer needs, the whole set of equipment can be equipped with movable wheels and towing mechanism to facilitate transition.
4. Low cost, easy to install, operate and maintain.
5. Lifetime technical support.

Mobile Trommel Gold Washing Plant advantages

Mobile Trommel Gold Washing Plant

1. The main advantage is easy to move, can be dragged by loader or excavator can easily.
2. Dis-assemble and assemble is convenient, only takes half an hour. can move from one site to another site easily.
3. Processing capacity 5-300 tons per hour.
4. Water consumption 200-600 cubic meters per hour.
5. Total power of the whole machine 30-60 kw.
6. Gold Recovery rate can be more than 90%
7. We will design the placer gold washing plant according to your situation and requires.

Mobile Gold Washing Plant
The mobile/portable gold wash plant integrates ore mining and gold mineral processing operation, including the excavation system, mineral processing equipment, water supply system, tailings treatment system, power supply, etc.

The mobile gold washing plant is a kind of gold equipment that can be moved on land. It has the characteristics of compact structure, strong integrity, light-weight, large handling capacity, simple operation, reliable operation, easy maintenance, and convenient operation.


Mobile Gold Washing Plants for Sale
There are two kinds of washing plants that can be chosen for gold mining, one is the plant with a trommel screen, and the other one is with a rotary scrubber and trommel.
The following mobile gold washing plants are the piece of common suite equipment for small-scale gold mining with scalability and flexibility.


We are glad to present you the state-of-art technology and the most reliable and user friendly gold wash plants avaliable in the market.

Each DOVE wash plant is fully integrated for continuous operation and customized according to the ore characteristics for the highest recovery of gold, diamonds, and other metals and minerals, without production loss.

Mobile, portable and semi-stationary wash plants (washing plants) models and various configurations for small, medium and large scale mining operations, 2-2,000 metric Tons/Hour.

Our processing plants and gold mining equipment are designed with special security features to ensure protection of the gold production.

Our processing plants and gold mining equipment require only recycled water for continuous operation. No chemicals (like mercury or cyanide) are used.

The gold washing equipment mainly uses the washing and infiltration of water to expand and disperse the clay, so as to realize the separation of t soil and gold. Common gold washing equipment mainly includes the followings.

Spiral Washing Machine

The spiral washing machine is suitable for the cleaning of gold ore with high mud content. It uses the buoyancy of water to separate dust and impurities from placer gold. After the agitation of the spiral blade, the purpose of filtering water to remove impurities, lifting and conveying is achieved. And in the process of lifting, the mixing work is also carried out, so that the sand is evenly stirred, and there is no distinction between fine and coarse sand. The spiral washing machine has the characteristics of long spiral body, good sealing system, simple structure, large processing capacity, convenient maintenance, low water content and low mud content in sand production.

Trommel Screen

Trommel screen is widely used in all kinds of hard - to - wash bulk ore. It can divide the washed material into +40mm and -40mm products. The -40mm product can be further scrubbed by the double spiral groove washing machine, and the material can be divided into +2mm and -2mm two-level products, and the washing efficiency can reach about 98%. This combination is the most effective method for refractory ores at present.

Groove Washing Machine

The groove washing machine is widely used for washing various easy-to-wash and difficult-to-wash ores. More than 20% mud content in the ore will block the crusher and chute. Groove washing machine can screw stirring and scrubbing ore with mud content of more than 20% to achieve the purpose of separating gold from mud. The cleaned gold ore is discharged from the discharge port, and the muddy water is discharged from the tailings end.



The jig stratifies the mineral particles of different specific gravity according to specific gravity, the minerals with small specific gravity are located in the upper layer, and the minerals with large specific gravity are located in the lower layer. The layered materials are discharged separately by the action of machinery and water flow. Jig has the advantages of simple operation and large processing capacity, and has good application effect in roughing gold ore.

Shaking Table

摇床 (27)

The shaker mainly uses the transmission mechanism to drive the bed surface for longitudinal reciprocating motion. In the reciprocating process, the ore particles are subjected to the layering action perpendicular to the bed surface and the layering action parallel to the bed surface, so that materials of different particle sizes are discharged from the interval of the bed surface to achieve separation. It is suitable for processing gold minerals with finer particle size.

Spiral Chute


Spiral chute is a beneficiation equipment that uses inclined water flow for separation. Under the action of water flow, the ore particles settle in different areas of the tank according to their specific gravity. Mineral particles with a small specific gravity are carried away by the water flow, leaving behind the particles with a large specific gravity. The spiral chute is suitable for processing fine-grained gold ore with low mud content, and the ore particle size is between 0.03~0.6mm.


We hope to establish a business together with you and provide you with professional and comprehensive technical support.

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