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Rapid pyrolysis and carbonization of biomass science

Rapid pyrolysis and carbonization of biomass science
Charcoal Making Machine
Processing materials
rice husk, straw, bits of wood, Palm Shell
Production capacity

Rapid pyrolysis and carbonization of biomass science

1. 30% moisture straw→
2. After being crushed by a disc crusher→
3. The belt conveyor transports the crushed straw to the air lock →
4. The air locker sends the crushed straw to the pre-dryer→
5. The mist-dispersing device in the pre-drying and second-level dryers quickly removes the straw, lifts it up, exchanges heat, drops it, lifts it up again, and hits it again—and so on and forth (the pre-drying uses the carbonization main , waste heat exhaust gas from auxiliary furnace) →

Operation guide diagram of carbonization equipment
6. The straw whose water content has dropped below 10% enters the air locker through the sealed conveyor→
7. Enter the inner cylinder of the carbonization machine, remove the water for the third time → fall into the outer cylinder of the carbonization machine and gradually enter the carbonization sub-high temperature zone, high temperature zone, sub-high temperature zone, gradual cooling zone, and cooling zone through the displacement device, and pass through the air lock Flow into closed stuffy tank silo→
8. After extracting tar and wood vinegar, the flue gas generated during the carbonization process is introduced into the auxiliary furnace of the carbonization host to ignite to heat the carbonization host (reduce fuel consumption and reduce disposal costs). The excess gas can be discharged empty or used as a mixture of gases, or burned Boiler etc.
9. Then fall into the water-cooled screw machine→
10. Bucket elevator →
11. Finished product silo→
12. Carbon-based organic fertilizer can be prepared after being crushed by a wheel mill→

Rapid pyrolysis and carbonization of biomass science
13. After the waste heat and smoke of the carbonization main furnace and auxiliary furnace are used by the pre-dryer→
14. Enter the cyclone dust collector→
15. Desulfurization tower→
16. Smoke elimination tower→
17. Horizontal condenser →
18. Vertical cooler→
19. Steam is converted into water and enters the sewage tank→
20. Water curtain dust removal→
21. Ultra-high pressure flue gas catalytic device
22. A small amount of steam is discharged up to standard. A complete set of process flow for resource recycling of clean urban domestic sludge and environmental protection standards.

Rapid pyrolysis and carbonization of biomass science

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Rapid pyrolysis and carbonization of biomass science
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