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How to operate the no-load test run of the ball mill?

How to operate the no-load test run of the ball mill?



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After the installation of the ball mill is completed, and if it passes the inspection, the no-load test operation of the ball mill can be carried out. The debugging of the ball mill should be carried out by skilled ball mill operators, and the operating procedures of the ball mill should be strictly followed.


1. The dry operation debugging can be carried out normally, and the load operation debugging should be carried out in stages. Feeding should be carried out according to the unloading situation during load operation to avoid unnecessary wear and damage of steel balls and cylinder liners.

① Add two-thirds of the steel balls and run for 24-48 hours.

② Add appropriate materials and one-third of the steel balls, and test run for 12-24 hours.

③ The continuous operation time of dry operation should be no less than 12-24 hours. Problems discovered during operation should be solved in time.


2. Based on the discharging situation of the ball mill, the output of qualified products, and the actual ball loading capacity of ball mills in similar mineral processing plants, determine the reasonable ball loading capacity of the ball mill, and conduct a trial run of no less than 72 hours.

3. After test operation for 24-48 hours with two-thirds of the steel balls, check again and tighten all bolts.

4. During the trial operation, the cooling and lubrication system should work normally, and the temperatures of the main bearings, transmission bearings and reducer should be normal.

5. The increase in the above load and the length of the trial operation time should be determined based on the running-in conditions of the large and small gears and the reducer gears. Only when the tooth surface contact accuracy meets the design requirements can it operate at full load.

6. The debugging work should be carefully recorded.


Ball mill is mainly used for mixing and grinding ceramic raw materials, and is an essential equipment for producing various ceramic products. The machine adopts auto-decompression starting to reduce the starting current. Its structure is divided into integral type and independent type. It adopts V-belt transmission, single-stage or double-stage reduction, and is equipped with independent loading and unloading of small-power motors.

How to operate the no-load test run of the ball mill?
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