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Analysis of Advantages of Ball Mills in Mineral Processing Industry

Analysis of Advantages of Ball Mills in Mineral Processing Industry



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Analysis of Advantages of Ball Mills in Mineral Processing Industry
The ball mill is influenced by its own function and its position in the ore dressing process is relatively fixed. It is generally located behind the crushing equipment and before the magnetic separator or flotation machine, playing a transitional role in the entire ore dressing process. Due to the large size of the raw ore, it is first roughly crushed and sorted by a crusher. However, the crushed raw ore cannot fully meet the standards of magnetic separation and flotation, so an intermediate equipment is needed to undertake the task. The function of a ball mill is to crush the ore particles that have not been fully crushed by the ball mill for secondary crushing, so that they can be easily screened by the magnetic separator or flotation machine.


There are two grinding methods for ball mills in mineral processing, namely dry grinding and wet grid grinding, depending on the ore discharge method. In terms of grinding mechanism, the ball mill adopts a double chamber grinding design. The first chamber is equipped with corrugated lining plates or stepped lining plates, and large-sized steel balls for rough grinding, while the second chamber is equipped with flat lining plates and small-sized steel balls for fine grinding. After double chamber grinding, it reaches the beneficiation standard.


The beneficiation advantages of ball mills
1. Good quality
The ball mill, due to its function of grinding, and the main power of grinding is friction, will generate strong friction on the equipment during operation, so the quality requirements of the ball mill are relatively high. The components of the ball mill are all high-quality components, and the main lining and grinding body are made of special materials with high wear resistance, which not only ensures the quality of the grinding machine but also extends the service life of the ball mill.

2. Energy saving
A ball mill is a large-scale production equipment, and blindly pursuing high efficiency will result in extremely high energy consumption, bringing a heavy economic burden to the users of the ball mill. Ball mills focus on balancing high efficiency and low energy consumption, utilizing the ratio of driver power and energy consumption to save energy while ensuring efficiency, achieving two goals with one stone.

3. Strong closure
The ball mill is an equipment engaged in fine work in mineral processing, so dust has become an environmental protection item that must be paid attention to. Engineers use an embedded and misaligned combination method at the connection points in the design of the ball mill, forming a negative pressure, enclosed conveying system between different components to ensure tightness and reduce dust damage to the outside world.

Affected by its own function, the ball mill has a relatively fixed position in the mineral processing process. It is generally located after the crushing equipment and before the magnetic separator or flotation machine. It plays a connecting role in the entire mineral processing process.The advantages of ball mill in beneficiation are 1. Good quality, 2. Saving energy consumption, 3. Strong sealing ability.
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