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Dealing with gear processing problems of a 420-ton ore dressing ball mill with a daily processing capacity

Dealing with gear processing problems of a 420-ton ore dressing ball mill with a daily processing capacity



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As one of the main equipment for material grinding, the mineral processing ball mill has been widely used in the industry. XKJ GROUP has long been committed to building a high-quality ceramic ball mill brand. XKJ GROUP has made many achievements in the mining field of Henan Province with its wisdom and hard work. The maintenance of the ball mill of mineral processing equipment is also very important for the ball mill. If some work is not done up to standard, it will cause great trouble to the ball mill. The editor of XKJ GROUP lists the hazards and consequences of unqualified daily maintenance of the 420 tons daily mineral processing ball mill. Corresponding measures, the following situations occurred in the 420-ton daily processing ball mill:

M磨机-球磨机配件2019.6 (31)
1. The maintenance plan is illegal. After the ball mill of the mineral processing equipment is geared, in order to quickly resume production, the shaft and gear are usually replaced according to which shaft is geared. It is impossible to run in to ensure that the new and old gears are in good meshing condition. Attacks occur during operation, and the gears may even be easily broken.
Corresponding measures: Optimization of maintenance plan, because the online gear has been partially worn or partially failed, and when the new gear meshes with it, the contact condition is not good. In order to ensure the gear meshing, it should be assembled in sets to ensure full running-in. Through running-in, the contact area of ​​the gear teeth can be increased, the tooth surface finish and contact accuracy can be improved, local stress can be eliminated, and a cold work-hardened tooth surface can be formed, thereby improving the gear's load-bearing capacity and extending its service life.

M磨机-球磨机配件2019.6 (33)

2. The gear parameter mapping is inaccurate. According to the analysis of the assembly results, when the measured gear is modified, the helix angle and module are inaccurate, resulting in a large difference between the gear tooth profile and the old teeth. When meshing, the degree of coincidence is small and the impact is large. The stress on a certain point of the gear is too high, and the gear teeth are easy to break.
Corresponding measures: Change and speed up the re-mapping of each gear parameter in the machine, change the helix angle and module of the gear teeth, ensure that the parameters of the gear are accurate for accurate processing, improve the coincidence degree of the gear and the smoothness of transmission, thereby improving the efficiency of the gear. Carrying capacity.
3. The processing quality of the gear is poor. The tooth root area with high stress concentration is roughly processed, and the transition is not smooth and naughty, which reduces the stress concentration effect. The material is poorly processed, and the grain streamlines cannot be distributed along the tooth profile, and good results cannot be obtained. Comprehensive Mechanical Performance Gears are cantilever loaded, and the tooth root is equivalent to the fulcrum of the cantilever beam. The tooth root area bears large flexural stress, and cracks will occur at the tooth root.
Corresponding measures: Strictly control the processing quality and plan, and pay attention to the importance of tooth root fillet when manufacturing gears to ensure smooth and smooth transitions without causing additional stress concentration; high processing and manufacturing accuracy to ensure uniform load distribution and reduce grain size during processing Streamlines should be distributed along the tooth profile to obtain good overall mechanical performance improvement.
The mineral processing ball mill not only improves the production capacity and crushing efficiency, but also expands the scope of application. From limestone to basalt, from stone production to various ore crushing, it can provide high performance in various medium crushing, fine crushing and ultra-fine crushing operations. It has excellent grinding performance, but due to its small capacity, it is generally used in small batch production with intermittent product trial production. It belongs to a new generation of high-output grinding machinery.

Dealing with gear processing problems of a 420-ton ore dressing ball mill with a daily processing capacity
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