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Wheeled Jaw Crusher Mobile Crushing Station

Wheeled Jaw Crusher Mobile Crushing Station
Feeding size:
Processing capacity:
Applicable materials:
construction waste, rocks, various ores, concrete and other materials...
Wheeled Jaw Crusher Mobile Crushing Station

Processing capacity:40-320t/h
Feed size:≤750mm
Applicable materials: construction waste, rocks, various ores, concrete and other materials...
Application range: Suitable for all kinds of quarries and screening construction demolition waste, mining operations, etc.


The tire-type jaw crusher mobile crushing station is currently an integrated crushing processing equipment commonly used in fields such as mining, construction waste treatment/decoration waste treatment, and urban infrastructure construction. Its notable advantages are flexibility, lightness, strong mobility, and direct penetration On the job site, under the premise of ensuring quality, the efficiency is also very high. Such a mobile crushing station will not only create benefits, but also save a lot of costs in the transportation process. The mobile jaw crusher can be combined in various forms, generally composed of jaw crusher, vibrating feeder, screening equipment, conveying equipment and other auxiliary equipment for crushing equipment. It has compact structure, reliable performance, high quality and low price, and is widely used. Popular with users.


Advantages of Wheeled Jaw Crusher Mobile Crushing Station
1. Adaptable host device switching to meet the individual needs of customers.
2. The ship-shaped steel frame structure is adopted, the chassis of the car body is low, the weight is light, and the volume is reasonably controlled.
3. Unit integration. It can be operated directly, eliminating the cumbersome infrastructure installation and man-hour consumption.
4. Flexible and maneuverable parking function, quickly enter the working mode.
5. Large crushing ratio, strong crushing efficiency, and high-quality crushing effect.

working principle of Wheeled Jaw Crusher Mobile Crushing Station
The tire-type mobile jaw crusher is in operation. The material is sent to the jaw crusher through a special feeding device for rough crushing, and then a closed-circuit system is formed through a special circular vibrating screen. During this period, the dust is suppressed as much as possible. After processing and screening, the qualified aggregates enter the secondary crushing process, and the unqualified aggregates return along the original path of the conveyor belt and are crushed again. Qualified materials pass through the secondary crushing process system, and then enter the special screening machine equipment again. During the whole crushing process, the feeder equipment is specially used for feeding materials, which can screen out the fine sand in the raw materials in advance, and then pass through crushing, screening Sub-system until the processing is qualified, and the qualified finished aggregate is transferred to the designated finished product warehouse through the conveying equipment.

Technical Parameters of Wheeled Jaw Crusher Mobile Crushing Station

名   称 原料仓 振动给料机 鄂式破碎机 颚式破碎机钢架 移动车架 钢结构件 皮带运输机        (出料) 皮带运输机        (出土) 电控柜 电缆 支腿 液压系统 总功率(KW)
YDS50 YDS50 GZT0724 PE400×600 PE400×600 (两轴)11m YDS50 B650=8m B500=3m YDS50 YDS50 B500=3.2m YDS50 48
YDS80 YDS80 GZT0724 PE500×75 PE500×75 (两轴)11m YDS80 B650=8m B500=3m YDS80 YDS80 B500=3.2m YDS80 73
YDS100 YDS100 GZT0932 PE600×900 PE600×900 (两轴)11m YDS100 B800=8m B500=3m YDS100 YDS100 B650=3.2m YDS100 78
YDS180 YDS180 GZT1148 PE750×1060 PE750×1060 (两轴)13m YDS180 B1000=8m B500=3m YDS180 YDS180 B500=3.2m YDS180 145.5
YDS300 YDS180 GZT1256 PE900×1200 PE900×1200 (两轴)15m YDS220 B1200=8m B500=3m YDS220 YDS220 B650=3.2m YDS220 201.5
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Wheeled Jaw Crusher Mobile Crushing Station
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