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Magnetic Separating Process Plant

Magnetic Separating Process Plant
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Applicable materials:
Magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasted ore, ilmenite, etc.
Magnetic Beneficiation Plant

Magnetic Beneficiation Plant

Magnetic Separating Process

Application of magnetic beneficiation plant
Magnetic separation process the mineral according to the differences of magnetic intensity. It is mainly applied to:
1. the separation of ferrous mineral
Magnetic separation is the main procession way for iron ore. The ore grade will be increased and the content of detrimental impurity will be reduced after being processed.
2. the separation of nonferrous and rare mineral
Many nosferrous and rare minerals have different magnetic intrnsity. It is hard to get the ideal beneficiation effect only by using gravity separation and flotation separation . The combination of magnetic , gravity, flotation is widely applied in practice.
3. the recovering of gravity separation medium
the magnetite and the ferrosilicon are medium during the gravity separation.
4. Removing iron impurities from non-metallic
Iron removing can protect crushers and other equipments, The iron removing is very common during nonmetallic mineral processing . Dry magnetic separation has been used in Kyanite, quartz , feldspar, red tourmaline nepheline diorite for a long time .
5. the recovery of steel slag from the metallurgy smelting and pollutant removing from seage
the steel slag can be recovered by grinding and dry magnetic separation . High gradient magnetic separation can be used to remove the impurities from the sewage.

Packing and shipping
Working process of magnetic beneficiation plant
The ore is first sent to the jaw crusher for primary crushing. Then the ore with a proper size for secondary crushing will be sent into the ball mill for fine crushing and grinding. The ore powder discharged from the ball mill will be sent to the next procedure: classifying. Because of the different sedimentation rate due to the varied specific gravity, spiral classifier can clean and group the ore mixture. The cleaned and grouped mixture is sent to magnetic separator, due to the different susceptibility, magnetic substance can be separated from the mixture under magnetic and mechanical force. Then the mixture is sent to flotation machine. According to the features of different ores, we can add different additive into the mixture to separate the ore which we want from the mixture. After the seperation from the mixture, the ore we want always contains a lot of water, then we need a thickner to have it concentrated and then dried by a drier, enventually we can get dry ore.

Description of the process flow of the magnetic separation production line

1. Crushing & screening: A vibrating feeder is installed in front of the crusher to evenly feed the materials into the jaw crusher; use vibrating screen and the raw ore is screened out to meet the particle size for crushing.

For high-grade magnetite, a closed circuit is usually used to obtain magnetite ore with qualified size;
For low-grade magnetite, three-stage open-circuit or three-stage closed-circuit operations are used to complete ore crushing.

Jaw Crusher

vibrating screen

3. Grinding & classifying: Ball mill combined with a spiral classifier to achieve the required grinding fineness.

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Ball Mill  Spiral Classifier

4. Magnetic separation: Separation generally adopts permanent magnet drum-type magnetic separator.

Most magnetite beneficiation plants often adopt coarse-grained dry magnetic separation tailings.
If ultra-lean magnetite ore is below 20.00%, the ultra-fine crushing-wet magnetic separation tailing process can be used before entering the mill.

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magnetic separator
5. Tailings treatment: After obtaining the magnetite concentrat