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Magnesium reduction furnace

Magnesium reduction furnace
Processing capacity:
Applicable materials:
Energy, metallurgy
Product Description Of Magnesium reduction furnace

The magnesium reduction furnace is the core equipment for magnesium production, and the external heating horizontal reduction tank reduction furnace is widely used at home and abroad. The traditional magnesium reduction furnace generally adopts the structure of reheating the reduction tank.

Magnesium reduction furnace

Product Advantages

The new type of magnesium reduction furnace has the following characteristics:
①The regenerative combustion form of diffusion combustion can form a flame type completely different from the traditional flame, forming a particularly uniform temperature field in the furnace, and improving the heating uniformity of the reduction tank.
②The use of low-oxygen combustion technology not only enhances the radiation and convection exchange of the high-temperature flue gas to the reduction tank, but also reduces the erosion and oxidation of the flame to the reduction tank, thereby prolonging the service life of the reduction tank.
③Save energy and reduce fuel consumption. The use of regenerative combustion technology can utilize the waste heat of the flue gas to almost the limit, and maximize the recovery of the latent heat of the flue gas, so that the air and gas can be preheated to be close to the temperature of the furnace gas at the same time, and the exhaust gas temperature can be lower than 150°C. The waste heat recovery rate is greatly improved, and energy saving and consumption reduction are very obvious.
④Improve the heating environment of the reduction tank, form a reducing atmosphere around the reduction tank, reduce the oxidation of the reduction tank, and increase the service life of the reduction tank.
⑤ Reduce environmental pollution. The regenerative combustion technology not only saves energy and reduces the amount of flue gas emissions, but also greatly reduces the content of harmful gases such as NOx in the flue gas and reduces environmental pollution.
⑥High-temperature anti-corrosion (anti-oxidation) and wear-resistant materials are used in the reduction tank to effectively improve the service life of the reduction tank.
⑦Using centralized management and decentralized control, it constitutes a safe, advanced, practical and reliable remote automatic adjustment control system. Reduce a large number of equipment operators.

Technical Parameter
Parameter Unit DMH80 DMH125 DMH200 DMH315 DMH500
Furnace size mm 1200*650*1000 1450*850*1020 1600*900*1020 1650*900*1020 1650*900*1020
Rated capacity Kg 200 300 300 500 500
Melting rate Kg/h 80 120 120 220 220
Crucible structure . Signal room
Power - 380-420V/50-60Hz/Three-phase Five-wire
Rated power KW 30 45 45 75 75
Rated current A 45 70 70 110 110
Highest Furnace work temperature 850
Highest work temperature of magnesium liquid 710
Gas supply temperature 350
(max.) L/min 10 10 10 25 25
Protection gas flow(max.)
Inside hole of material pot mm 55 65 70 80 85
DIN45635-01-K1.2 noise dB(A) 85
Furnace weight kg 1200 1500 1600 2500 2500
Matching casting machine T 60-88 100-150 160-200 300-400 500-600

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Magnesium reduction furnace is the core equipment for magnesium production. The external heating horizontal reduction tank reduction furnace is widely used at home and abroad.
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