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Classification characteristics and trial production of 450 tons/day cement ball mill

Classification characteristics and trial production of 450 tons/day cement ball mill



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Cement ball mill is a key equipment for crushing materials after they are crushed. It is widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, ferrous and non-ferrous metal mineral processing, glass and ceramics and other production industries. It can process various ores. Dry or wet grinding with other grindable materials. In addition to existing cement ball mill equipment, XKJ GROUP can also design and produce complete sets of cement production lines according to user requirements, and will also send technical personnel to help users install and debug the mill on site until trial production is successful.


Classification and characteristics of cement ball mill with daily processing capacity of 450 tons:
(1) Ordinary cement ball mill: Most of them are used in circle flow grinding systems. They are characterized by high grinding efficiency, large mill output, and low power consumption. Especially when grinding slag cement, the performance will be outstanding. Generally, the output of the mill can be increased by 15-20%, and the power consumption can be reduced by about 10%. In addition, the temperature of the finished product can be reduced by 20-40°C, and the product fineness can also be easily adjusted.
(2) Ultra-fine cement ball mill: It is mainly used in open-flow grinding systems. It is characterized by simple system equipment and process flow, low investment, and small factory floor area; a special compartment device for internal powder selection is used in the mill structure. , the fine grinding chamber has an activation device, and the grinding tail has a special discharge grate plate to reduce the size of the grinding media in the grinding chamber as much as possible, greatly improve the grinding efficiency, and achieve the goals of high output and low energy consumption.
Judgment and adjustment based on the output of the cement ball mill. When the output of the mill is low and the fineness becomes coarser, it may be due to insufficient loading of the grinding body or excessive wear. At this time, the grinding body should be added or replaced. Sometimes the output of the mill is very high, but the fineness of the raw material is coarse, making it difficult to control the production. This may be caused by the impact force of the grinding body being too strong, insufficient grinding capacity, and the flow rate of the material being too fast. At this time, the large balls should be reduced and the small balls and steel segments should be added to increase the grinding capacity.

At the same time, the air travel of the grinding body is reduced, which slows down the material flow rate and obtains sufficient grinding. When the mill output is low and the raw material fineness is fine, it may be because the filling rate is too small, the average ball diameter of the steel balls is small, and the crushing capacity is not enough. On the contrary, the grinding capacity is too strong. At this time, the loading capacity of the grinding body and the amount of large balls should be increased to increase the crushing capacity and make the material flow rate as fast as possible. When the rotation speed is low, the ball in the cement ball mill is lifted to a small height, and the ball slides down from the top of the ball load due to the gravity of the ball itself, and is in a falling state. At this time, the impact force of the ball is very small, but the grinding effect is very small. Strong, the grinding effect is not high.

XKJ GROUP warm reminder: If the production capacity of the cement ball mill cannot reach the designed output quota, appropriately increasing the speed of the cement ball mill is still one of the effective measures to improve the processing capacity of the mineral processing plant. However, as the speed of the cement ball mill increases, the vibration and wear will intensify, and attention must be paid to strengthening management and maintenance. On the contrary, if the cement ball mill has surplus production capacity, its rotation speed should be appropriately reduced to reduce energy consumption and steel consumption, and reduce grinding costs.

Classification characteristics and trial production of 450 tons/day cement ball mill
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