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How to deal with material leakage from lime ball machine grinding

How to deal with material leakage from lime ball machine grinding



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Material leakage in lime ball mills is a serious problem. In view of material leakage, it must be dealt with in a timely manner. We have summarized some methods, hoping to be helpful to users.
1. Treatment of material leakage from the outer flange connection screw hole of the feed hollow bushing
The method is to insert cloth strips and asbestos ropes into the gap between the outside of the feed hollow shaft sleeve and the feed port wall. However, the implementation situation is that the plugging material gradually falls off during the operation of the equipment, and the slurry continuously enters the gap of the shaft sleeve. , forcing the pulp to be thrown outward from the thread of the tightening flange to form a circulation, which poses a serious threat to the large tiles adjacent to the feed port.
2. Treatment of slurry leakage from the threaded hole at the hole cover position
After the lime ball mill has been used for many years, the M30mm bottom hole threads around the barrel inlet hole generally have worn slip threads, and the inlet hole cover is not tightly pressed, resulting in slurry leakage and slurry throwing. The situation has become increasingly serious, almost to the point of being unable to produce. In response to this situation, engineering and technical personnel drew and made new manholes in advance. When the equipment was inspected, the old manholes were cut off, the new manholes were welded and put into use, finally solving the grout leakage problem.

After three serious leaks occurred in a row, the machine was forced to shut down and a series of treatments were carried out, such as opening the entrance hole and refilling it, which seriously affected normal production.
In order to fundamentally solve the above problems, after the relevant engineering and technical personnel conducted special discussions and research, they unanimously agreed to use the method of welding the seams. Made of welded body material, the hollow sleeve is HT, and the simplified end cap is AC35. 506 welding rod was used to weld the circumference of the gap, and the sleeve was worn to a certain extent by operation. The welding meat is then ground away, and even if there is any residue, it can be removed with a portable grinding wheel, which does not affect the replacement of the bushing. After this technical treatment, leakage no longer occurs, and the implementation effect is good.

Although the above two examples of slurry leakage treatment are simple, they are feasible and effective. If you encounter problems that are difficult to solve during the operation of lime ball mill equipment, you can consult our company's technical staff and we will do our best to solve them for you.

How to deal with material leakage from lime ball machine grinding
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