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XKJ GROUP calcium aluminate rotary kiln calcination principle and equipment purchasing tips

XKJ GROUP calcium aluminate rotary kiln calcination principle and equipment purchasing tips



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Calcium aluminate is mainly obtained by crushing bauxite and limestone in a certain proportion, drying and finely grinding them into balls, and then calcining them at high temperature in a rotary kiln. It is widely used in chemical industry, sewage purification, environmental protection and many other fields. It has important industrial value. It is widely used in the water purification agent production industry. Its production process mainly involves crushing, drying, grinding, calcining, and powdering high-quality bauxite and calcium carbonate ores. It is one of the core equipment for calcining XKJ GROUP calcium aluminate rotary kiln. one.


The emergence of calcium aluminate rotary kiln equipment has filled the gap in the industry and provided a better solution for calcium aluminate production. XKJ GROUP will continue to innovate and is committed to providing users with better products to meet the evolving market needs.

Since the traditional calcium aluminate rotary kiln equipment is not professional and targeted, the calcining capacity is limited and higher-grade calcium aluminate finished products cannot be obtained. In response to this, Yingkuang Machinery based on the properties of calcium aluminate and combined with years of production Calcium aluminate rotary kiln has been developed based on experience. Its structural advantages are more prominent and its performance characteristics are more significant, which is very popular among users. The following XKJ GROUP mainly introduces the structure, working principle and precautions of the equipment.


Calcium aluminate rotary kiln is professionally designed and produced, and its structural composition is relatively simple. It mainly consists of a cylinder, kiln lining, heat exchange device, roller ring, support device, transmission device, kiln head cover, burner, and kiln tail. It consists of cover, feeding equipment and other parts.

The calcium aluminate rotary kiln is equipped with refractory brick lining and heat exchange device, and rotates at a low speed. Calcium aluminate and hot flue gas generally exchange heat in a counter-current manner, and calcium aluminate is added from a high position in the kiln. Since the cylinder is installed at an angle, the calcium aluminate in the kiln moves axially while turning in the circumferential direction during rotation. The burner injects fuel at the low end and the smoke is discharged from the high end. Calcium aluminate is heated during the movement, undergoes physical and chemical changes, and becomes a qualified product and is discharged from the low end.


The current calcium aluminate rotary kiln technology is very mature. After years of testing and market baptism, the manufacturing process of calcium aluminate rotary kiln has become increasingly mature. But some manufacturers may not yet have this equipment. Therefore, when purchasing calcium aluminate rotary kiln equipment, you should choose a relatively large-scale rotary kiln manufacturer. This is what users need to pay attention to. Here is a brief introduction to some equipment purchasing tips.

1. When small calcium aluminate rotary kiln manufacturers produce equipment, due to the relatively immature technology, some equipment quality problems may occur later. In this case, the manufactured equipment will have a higher wear rate during use. It will cause trouble to the later production of the equipment. After all, some large formal manufacturers have many years of technology accumulation and reputation, so they will control the manufacturing process more rigorously. Therefore, users should try to choose formal and powerful manufacturers when purchasing.

2. Don’t suffer big losses because of being greedy for petty gains. After all, the price of this large-scale rotary kiln equipment will be higher. If the equipment is originally about 1 million, but the quotation is only hundreds of thousands, this is obviously inconsistent. Require. So the quality aspect speaks for itself. You cannot blindly pursue price and ignore subsequent quality issues.

3. That is to say, users can go to the manufacturer for on-site inspections. If it is just a publicity on the Internet, it can be used as a part of the reference items. Try to conduct on-site inspections as much as possible, so that you can see the scale of the factory and the products in person. The situation of a production workshop will make you feel more at ease when buying.

During the consultation process, you must learn to ask whether the manufacturer provides follow-up quality services, and make a note when signing the contract if some minor malfunctions occur after the calcium aluminate rotary kiln equipment has been used for a period of time. The manufacturer provides technical support so that production will not be delayed and the equipment will run smoothly and effectively in subsequent work.

XKJ GROUP calcium aluminate rotary kiln calcination principle and equipment purchasing tips
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