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The higher the temperature of the cement ball mill, the more serious the cohesion will be.

The higher the temperature of the cement ball mill, the more serious the cohesion will be.



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Cement ball mills are widely used in daily production and can be widely used in chemical industry, ceramics and other fields. The cement ball mills produced by Lanji have excellent quality and operate smoothly, but some unavoidable situations will still occur. In the production process of internal equipment, temperature rise is a relatively common problem. Here we will help you analyze the specific reasons from a professional perspective:

1. In terms of cement ball mill machinery, since the cement mill is in operation, especially when the grinding is stopped, the temperature difference of the grinding body is large, resulting in thermal stress and thermal deformation, which sometimes causes damage to the cement ball grinding parts, such as geometric deformation of the lining plate and bolt breakage. Lining analysis. After thermal deformation, grinding starts to stop, with a certain consistency, and the current ripples form vibrations during the operation; in addition, the cement grinder heats up the main bearing, and the temperature of the spindle bearing rises, making care difficult.

2 From the technical point of view of cement ball mill, the grindability of materials decreases with the increase of temperature. In areas with high grinding fineness, the tiny particles of cement will rub against each other through electrostatic adsorption. In addition to clumping, they are also adsorbed on the cement grinding body to form a so-called buffer layer, which significantly reduces the effect of cement grinding; and the temperature The higher the value, the more severe the agglomeration effect on the edge grinding effect. In addition, the high temperature of the cement ball mill will completely dehydrate the retarding effect of the cement, causing false or rapid solidification of the cement, affecting the quality of the cement. The higher the fineness, the more obvious the temperature effect.
For the above two main reasons, we hope that every user can be solved in the corresponding method. In fact, try to avoid the occurrence of problems. Pay more attention to the professional maintenance of the ball mill and frequently use lubricating oil to maintain the effective operation of the equipment and extend the service life of the equipment.

The higher the temperature of the cement ball mill, the more serious the cohesion will be.
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