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Ball mill lubrication can reduce friction between gears

Ball mill lubrication can reduce friction between gears



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During the operation of the ball mill, the vibration pattern causes vibrations in the surrounding buildings, which causes damage to the construction industry, and the ground must have a good foundation. Then when installing, install the main bearing first. This is to avoid a shoulder and a hollow shaft to increase bearing wear and avoid load on the cone ball mill. Once the equipment is under load, the gears will double wear. The improvement of gear heat treatment process and the use of advanced technology and materials can improve the life of conical ball mill gears. Ensure effective lubrication of gears. Lubrication can reduce friction between gears and is also a way to extend gear life.

Recently, a customer said that he bought cone ball mill equipment, but the seller did not send professional installation personnel to guide the installation. In order not to affect the work progress, he did the installation himself. In fact, this problem is very common, but whether the manufacturer sends someone to install it or installs it yourself, it must be installed correctly and the details cannot be ignored, otherwise the equipment will not work properly or the service life will be shortened. Here today, I will give you a brief talk about the correct installation steps: the height difference between the main bearings of the two conical ball mills on the base plate should not exceed 0.25 mm per meter. When installing the drum conical ball mill, the entire line should be installed, and then the remaining section and double check if the magazine and center line are there. For the corresponding cone ball mill, the error does not exceed 0.25 mm. Finally, when installing the remaining gears, professional equipment should be used for measurement and installation.


The special double-layer carriage board replaces the original partition. The partition groove is 5mm and the middle groove is a 1.2mm stainless steel plate. It can effectively control the size of particles and divide it into two warehouses, speeding up the warehouse to become two qualified grain warehouses. , Reduce the phenomenon of grinding bin. A special discharge grate plate end mill with a small groove of 5mm, and a grinding speed control for Taozhengyang plate diameter materials. The double diaphragm support plate with anti-surface breathable grooves can not only protect the stainless steel plate through the grinding body, but also strengthen the grinding ventilation, promote the timely discharge of qualified fine powder, and reduce the phenomenon of over-grinding.

Ball mill lubrication can reduce friction between gears
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