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How much do you know about Wudamai gold ore beneficiation technology? Lets come look!

How much do you know about Wudamai gold ore beneficiation technology? Lets come look!



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Currently, there are many types of vein gold ore, mainly including gold-bearing quartz veins or gold-bearing pyrite quartz vein types, gold-bearing pyrite altered granite types, gold-bearing polymetallic sulfide ore quartz vein types, and gold-bearing oxide ore quartz vein types. and gold-bearing tungsten-arsenic ore quartz vein types. Various types of vein gold mines have different ore properties, and the mineral processing technologies used are also different. Common vein gold ore beneficiation technologies mainly include a single flotation process, an all-sludge cyanidation process, and different combined beneficiation processes consisting of gravity separation, flotation, and cyanidation processes.

1. Single vein gold flotation process The single vein gold flotation process is suitable for processing sulfide gold-bearing quartz vein ores, polymetallic gold-bearing sulfide ores and carbon-bearing (graphite) ores with fine gold particles and high floatability. . This vein gold ore beneficiation process first floats gold into copper and lead concentrates, and then extracts gold from these concentrates. It is more economical and reasonable for gold ores containing ferrous metals in the raw ore. It can realize polymetallic Comprehensive utilization, gold is enriched into sulfide minerals as much as possible, and the tailings can be directly discarded. However, because it cannot ultimately obtain finished gold, the scope of application is relatively small, and it is often combined with other mineral processing methods to form a joint process.

gold ore beneficiation technology

2. All-mud cyanidation separation process of vein gold ore Gold is produced in quartz vein ore in a fine-grained or fine-grained dispersed state. The ore is deeply oxidized and does not contain copper, arsenic, antimony, bismuth, carbon and other substances. This type of vein gold ore is suitable for the all-mud cyanidation process. The gold-containing ore is leached in the cyanide solution, and then activated carbon is used to directly adsorb the dissolved gold and loaded gold from the slurry. The carbon desorbs the electrolytic gold mud and directly separates, purifies and smelts it. In this vein gold ore beneficiation technology, cyanide is a highly toxic substance that easily pollutes the environment. Currently, low-toxic gold leaching agents can be used to replace cyanide agents for cyanide gold extraction.gold ore beneficiation technology


3. Gravity separation-cyanidation combined process of vein gold ore Generally, the gravity separation-cyanidation combined process is suitable for processing quartz vein gold-containing oxidized ores. In vein gold ore beneficiation plants, gravity separation is often used as part of the combined gold beneficiation process. In the grinding and grading circuit, a jig or spiral chute is used in conjunction with a shaking table to recover the dissociated coarse-grained monomer gold in advance to facilitate subsequent cyanidation operations and obtain qualified gold concentrate.

gold ore beneficiation technology

4. Vein gold ore flotation-cyanidation combined process
In order to improve the return on investment, for different properties of vein gold ores, the combined flotation process and other processes can sometimes achieve more impressive results.

How much do you know about Wudamai gold ore beneficiation technology? Lets come look!
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