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Maintenance and operation specifications of 5-ton rod mill

Maintenance and operation specifications of 5-ton rod mill



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The rod mill that processes 5 tons per hour is made up of scattered parts that are assembled together into a piece of mechanical equipment. Therefore, after the rod mill is produced and used, workers still need to assemble the equipment, but these parts are not put together. That’s fine, here are some standard provisions:

rod mill
1. When assembling the main machine of the rod mill, the axis of the main machine should be kept horizontal, and the height of both ends from the horizontal ground should be the same. The error range should be within 1mm. The premise is that the discharge end is 1mm lower than the feed end, and the hollow shafts at both ends should be in contact with the bearings. The gaps around the gland should be consistent, that is, the bearing gland should be in the middle of the hollow shaft;
2. When installing the transmission components of the rod mill, the gear and the transmission shaft must maintain concentric motion without looseness; the tooth surface of the small gear meshing should be located in the middle of the meshing tooth surface of the large gear, and the meshing tooth side gap should be reserved for one layer of hard cigarette paper box distance, that is, 0.25mm.
Operating specifications for the use of 5-ton rod mills:
Before use: After the rod mill is assembled, it needs to run empty for 24 hours to check the working condition of the equipment parts before formal use;

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In use: After each use of the rod mill, the equipment must be cleaned in time and lubricated well;
After shutting down: Carefully check whether any parts of the rod mill are damaged or fasteners are loose, and take preventive measures in a timely manner.

Maintenance and operation specifications of 5-ton rod mill
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