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XKJ GROUP steel slag rod mill has large output, low adsorption and stable performance

XKJ GROUP steel slag rod mill has large output, low adsorption and stable performance



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steel slag rod mill)

Steel slag is a common industrial waste slag produced during the steelmaking process. A large amount of steel slag not only occupies land, but also pollutes the environment. How to deal with steel slag is a major problem for steel companies. Steel slag ball mills are currently the main grinding mill for processing slag in industry. Powder equipment, it can grind slag to a fineness of about 200-400 mesh, with large output, low energy consumption and stable performance.
Steel slag rod mill is a kind of grinding equipment used to process steel slag and other materials. It is designed specifically for materials such as steel slag that are hard and contain a lot of metal components. The following are some main features and working principles of steel slag rod mill:
Through the motor and reducer, the transmission machinery drives the cylinder to rotate at a set speed. When the cylinder rotates, the irregular design on the lining plate causes the steel rods to be lifted to a certain height. Then, under the action of gravity and centrifugal force, the steel rods fall or roll freely along the cylinder wall or between each other, and the steel slag materials in the cylinder are processed. Impact and grind.

Msteel slag rod mill

Here XKJ GROUP will lead everyone to understand the uses of grinding steel slag into micron powder and what the market prospects are to help steel companies process steel slag.

steel slag rod mill
1. Steel slag has broad uses
Steel slag can be used in the cement industry. Adding steel slag to cement can increase the cement setting time and reduce the heat of hydration. Steel slag can also be added to concrete to improve the fluidity and pumpability of concrete. In addition, steel slag can also be used In saline-alkali land, sandy land, etc., realize the reuse of waste resources.
2. What is the market prospect of steel slag?
From the perspective of environmental benefits: reducing the accumulation of steel slag can reduce the environmental pollution caused by steel slag, while protecting resources in the steel and building materials industries, achieving low-carbon production, and contributing to the realization of "lucid waters and lush mountains".
From the perspective of economic benefits: using steel slag as an admixture can reduce the use of raw materials, improve product performance, and reduce steel slag maintenance costs. According to XKJ GROUP, modern steel slag processing lines can be produced, turning waste slag into treasure, and creating made huge profits.
3. How to correctly choose steel slag rod mill
Grinding steel slag into powder requires a steel slag rod mill. XKJ GROUP specially develops steel slag vertical mills based on the characteristics of steel slag, and has achieved steel slag grinding standards and production in multiple projects. The Yingkuang steel slag mill can produce 1-200 tons of steel slag per hour, which can meet the needs of different steel slag processing companies. The three-dimensional structure can reduce construction costs and improve grinding efficiency to achieve high production.

steel slag rod mill
XKJ GROUP steel slag mill breaks through various problems in past milling and solves the problems of low steel slag grinding output, high energy consumption, and expensive maintenance costs. Selection plan brings benefits to users.

XKJ GROUP steel slag rod mill has large output, low adsorption and stable performance
We hope to establish a business together with you and provide you with professional and comprehensive technical support.

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