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Common knowledge about ball mill

Common knowledge about ball mill



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1.What are the components of the ore discharge part? (lattice type)

Answer: The ore discharge part consists of the end cover of the hollow journal, the fan-shaped grid plate, the center lining plate and the inner sleeve of the journal.

2. What are the working characteristics of rod mill?

Answer: Its working characteristics are: it uses the crushing and grinding effects produced by the line contact of the steel rods to crush the ore. Therefore, it has selective crushing effect, reducing over-crushing of ore, and the product particle size is uniform.

3. Briefly describe what are the operating factors that affect the work of the grinding and classifying unit?

Answer: It can be roughly summarized into the following three categories: ①. Ore properties. Including hardness, mud content, feed particle size and required grinding product fineness, etc. ②. Mill structure. Including mill type, specifications, speed, etc. ③. Operating conditions. Mainly include grinding medium, slurry, concentration, sand return ratio and classification efficiency.


4. How to choose the shape of grinding media?

Answer: According to the grinding purpose and test results, spherical and P2 rod-shaped media have the best grinding effect; the collision of spherical media during grinding is point contact, so the grinding efficiency is high and suitable for fine grinding, but it is inferior to rod grinding. Compared with the above, the over-crushing phenomenon is serious. Generally, when the feed particle size is below 30mm and the product particle size is not less than 1mm, the rod mill will be more efficient.

5. What are the principles for selecting grinding media materials?

Answer: When selecting media materials, comprehensive considerations should be made from the specific gravity, hardness, wear resistance, price, processing and manufacturing of the material. At present, steel or iron materials are generally used. In production, large balls are usually made of steel, small balls are usually made of iron, steel is suitable for coarse grinding, and iron is suitable for fine grinding. In recent years, rare earth medium manganese ductile iron balls have been successfully used to replace steel balls.

Common knowledge about ball mill
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