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How to deal with the phenomenon of ball mill running or blocking

How to deal with the phenomenon of ball mill running or blocking



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During the preparation process of raw slurry, the ball mill often encounters grinding and grinding blockage conditions. This is also a headache for users. Because mill running and blocking not only affect normal production, but also increase production costs and reduce profits. What to do if you encounter running or blocked grinding? Let us take a look below:

Grinding phenomenon: refers to the slurry in the ball mill being discharged from the equipment and entering the next stage when it does not meet the requirements. The main reasons are: too much ore is fed, which exceeds the capacity of the equipment, resulting in grinding failure and slurry running out; the sand return is relatively large. In response to the above reasons, the main suggestions are: reduce and stabilize the ore supply; reduce the sand return ratio.


Grinding blockage phenomenon: The main reasons are: the liquid-to-solid ratio of the slurry in the equipment is small and the slurry cannot be discharged normally; during the preparation process of the raw slurry, the raw material lime is mixed in a relatively large amount and sticks to the cylinder wall, causing difficulty in abrasive grinding and blockage; The screen plate at the material end is blocked by ore particles close to the width of the screen plate, which are difficult to remove, causing grinding blockage.

Based on the analysis of the above reasons, the main suggestions are: stop feeding first, then increase the amount of alkali solution, increase the slurry-to-solid ratio in the ball mill, and make the slurry discharge smoothly; while stopping the feeding, use high-pressure water to wash away the sticky particles on the cylinder wall Lime on the screen to ensure normal operation; timely clean up the ore particles blocked on the screen plate so that the equipment can operate normally.


The above are the relevant answers on how to deal with the phenomenon of ball mill running and grinding jam. I hope it will be helpful to you.

How to deal with the phenomenon of ball mill running or blocking
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