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What are the wearing parts of the crusher?

What are the wearing parts of the crusher?



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Crusher wearing parts mainly include the following types:

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Edge guards: protect the edges of the machine from damage.
Movable tooth plate: a moving part involved in the crushing process.
Porcelain Plate: Usually located on the inside of a machine to reduce wear and protect other components.
Fixed porcelain plate axis plate: fix the position of the porcelain plate to prevent it from shifting during work.
Spring: plays the role of buffering and shock absorption.
Hammer head: used to strike materials and is the main striking component in the crushing process.
Liners: protect the components inside the machine from direct impact and also participate in the crushing process.
Hammer shaft: an important component that connects the hammer head and other components.
Bolts: Used to secure machine parts.
Safety door: used to control the feed volume of the crushing process.
V-belt: used to transmit power, but is prone to wear and break at high speeds.
Impact plate: The component that directly crushes the material, usually made of high manganese steel, needs to be considered for wear resistance improvement.
Blow hammer: Frequent collision with materials during the crushing process, resulting in rapid wear.
Liners: Wear reduces impact resistance, possibly causing the liner to be knocked off or productivity reduced.
The wearing parts listed above are all used in different types of crushers, such as jaw crushers, cone crushers, etc. They each have different structures and characteristics, which determine the type and quantity of wearing parts required.

What are the wearing parts of the crusher?
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