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Crawler mobile screening station

Crawler mobile screening station
Feeding size:
Processing capacity:
Applicable materials:
gravel, sand, aggregate and recycling screening.

Processing capacity:50-400t/h
Feed particle size:≤300mm
Applicable materials: gravel, sand, aggregate and recycling screening.
Applications: quarries, mines, construction demolition debris handling, topsoil handling, material recycling, gravel screening, coal mines and aggregate screening.


Crawler type mobile crushing and screening equipment
The crawler-type mobile screening station equipment is a mobile crushing station screening equipment developed based on the actual development of the domestic market. This equipment can meet the crushing and screening requirements according to customer needs. Compared with the relationship between crushers and screening machines, it is the best choice among you. I feel like you, so the process technology of "break first and then screen" or "first screen and then break" has emerged. Among them, the crawler drive device is used, which can walk smoothly on the site and can adapt to a variety of complex and harsh environments to operate smoothly.


Advantages and features of Crawler type mobile crushing and screening equipment
1. Flexible combination and strong adaptability.
2. Reduce transportation costs and high recycling.
3. The crushing effect is excellent, but the premise is to have process technology.
4. It can work on slopes and meet the crushing requirements of mines, hydropower stations, coal mines and other projects.
5. Light weight, small size, suitable for working in narrow/spacious sites.

Working principle of Crawler type mobile crushing and screening equipment
This series of products is a renewable resource production line that integrates material receiving, crushing, iron removal, screening, conveying and other process technologies. Through the process flow, the equipment can be used more widely, from rock crushing, aggregate regeneration, and urban applications. Construction waste recycling industry. It can also be combined with different models to produce different complete equipment processes, which meets the hard conditions for renewable resources. Its design lies in the unique crushing chamber, coupled with the attitude of thinking about problems from the customer's perspective, making it possible to provide customers with the best equipment , with high quality and low price, the equipment can be brought to the customer's site for direct operation. There is no need to build a fixed foundation and not much labor. As long as a remote control is needed, all the conditions here can be met. For the sake of environmental protection, regeneration and green , this equipment is widely used in flat ground operations and work sites with hillsides, which is no problem for him.

Technical Parameters of Crawler type mobile crushing and screening equipment

原料仓 给料皮带机 振动筛 船型钢架 履带总成 柴油机组(潍坊) 液压总成 电器总成 钢结构件 皮带运输机(筛下) 皮带运输机(返料) 皮带运输机(车架上 皮带运输机(成品) 皮带运输机(出料) 总功率(kw)
LDSF1860 LDYDS B800=12.3m 3YKX1860 LDYDS LDYDS-26T 145GF LDYDS LDYDS LDYDS B1000=8.6m B500=5.7m B650=2.1m B500=6.4m 61KW
LDSF2160 LDYDS B1000=12.3m 3YA2160 LDYDS LDYDS-26T 145GF-C-D LDYDS LDYDS LDYDS B1200=8.6m B650=5.7m B650=2.1m B650=6.4m 76.5KW


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Crawler mobile screening station
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