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Crawler type crushing and screening machine

Crawler type crushing and screening machine
Feeding size:
Processing capacity:
Applicable materials:
granite, basalt, rock, limestone, quartz stone, coal gangue, construction waste, etc.
Crawler type crushing and screening machine

Processing capacity:100-250t/h

Feed particle size:≤1200mm

Applicable materials: granite, basalt, rock, limestone, quartz stone, coal gangue, construction waste, etc.

Application scope: sand and gravel yard, mining, coal mining, concrete mixing station, dry mortar, power plant desulfurization, quartz sand, etc.

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Advantages of crawler crushing station

1. Wireless remote control: Through wireless remote control, the equipment can be easily driven onto the trailer and transported to the working site. Intelligent operation is more convenient.
2. High operating efficiency: Adopting an integrated combined operation method, no assembly time is required, and you can start working immediately as soon as you arrive at the work site.
3. Supports mixed use of oil and electricity: This equipment can be equipped with a generator set to meet normal operating requirements in complex situations such as no power or power outage, ensuring continuous operation and reducing losses.
4. Environmental protection standards: The use of crawler mobile crushing stations is fully environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and many pollution factors such as high noise and dust diffusion during the production process have been reasonably resolved.
5. Flexible and diverse configurations: multiple combination methods and multiple power types provide efficient solutions for crushing and screening materials.
6. All-steel ship-shaped structure: The chassis adopts a crawler-type all-steel ship-shaped structure, which has high strength, low grounding ratio, and can adapt to complex terrain.

Product description of crawler crushing station

Crawler crushing and screening integrated machine, also called mobile crushing and screening integrated machine, is suitable for granite, basalt, rock, limestone, quartz stone, coal gangue, construction waste and other materials. This equipment is equipped with configurable jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, etc. It not only has the advantages of high crushing output, low cost, high versatility, and adjustable particle size of finished products; it can also ensure excellent particle shape and cleanliness of finished products. Meet the high standards required for construction aggregates. This equipment can be equipped with a vibrating screen, and one piece of equipment can crush and screen materials. It can also be combined with other equipment to complete the crushing and screening of materials in a mobile and efficient manner.

The integrated crawler crushing and screening machine is equipped with an easy-to-operate waterproof and dustproof control panel, which can monitor pressure, oil level, fuel consumption and control the crawler and feeding systems of the crushing station. The equipment uses an innovative hydraulic system that can significantly reduce fuel consumption; the equipped pre-screening system not only makes the crushing efficiency higher but also effectively reduces equipment wear... The successful advent of the mobile crawler integrated crusher has greatly facilitated open-pit coal mines in my country, Mobile crushing meets the production requirements of road and bridge construction, urban construction and other industries. It is a new product that replaces traditional crushing equipment. It integrates material receiving, crushing, conveying and other process equipment into one, and is widely used in crushing operations such as rock crushing, aggregate production, and open-pit mining.

The emergence of crawler-type mobile crushing stations has greatly expanded the concept of coarse and fine stone crushing operations. It stands from the user's perspective and strives to create a crushing equipment that makes users more satisfied based on convenience and high efficiency. The core structure of the equipment is composed of the main machine (crushing part), feeding, conveying and other systems. The main machine can be freely replaced. Systemically speaking, the equipment mainly includes crawler mobile jaw crushing station, crawler mobile impact crushing station, crawler mobile cone crusher station, crawler mobile station carrier, crawler standard screening mobile crushing station and other models. . Flexible model matching covers coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing, screening and other functions. There is always one to meet your needs.

What factors determine the price of mobile crusher
1. Manufacturer
Small manufacturers are fighting a price war, but the quality of the equipment is not guaranteed. Large companies make conscientious equipment with guaranteed quality and varying prices, so the equipment manufacturer is one of the factors that determines the price.

2. Model
Before purchasing equipment, you must go through the steps when selecting. The model size of the equipment directly determines the investment cost of the equipment. The cost affects the equipment quotation. Therefore, different model sizes will also lead to different equipment prices.

3. Material selection
The production and manufacturing of equipment is the prerequisite for quality assurance. The quality of material selection also directly affects the cost investment. XKJ GROUP mobile crushers use high-quality materials to lay the foundation for users' later use.


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Crawler type crushing and screening machine
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