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NZ (S) type (also called TNZ type) centre drive concentrator is earlier traditional concentrated equipments, machines diameter less than 12m work in manual condition, machines above 12m in general way, using electric lift rake device. Large concentrator usually adopts the concrete pool and have overload instructions or alarm device. This machine structure is simple with smallwear, easy maintenance.

Efficient deep cone thickener is currently a separation process for new products in the process of solid-liquid. Due to low investment, small occupied area, high efficiency, and the underflow concentration of the overflow water quality has greatly improved. Not only that can really achieve intelligent operation. Generally,its processing capacity is 3-8 times higher than the traditional concentrated confidential.The underflow concentration is 300-800g/L, the quality of the overflow water can reac...

The Efficient hydraulic center drive tailing slurry processing thickener mainly used in the process of concentrate and tailings’ dehydration, meanwhile it can also be used for dehydration, desliming, and sewage treatment in hydrogenated industry and coal separation plant. Mainly used for clarification and concentration of coal slurry or ore mines, in order to achieve the purpose of dewatering. This machine can be used in chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries for solid-liquid...

GX high efficient thickener is semi efficient thickener in the case without adding flocculant. compared with ordinary thickener which is characterized by: ①extend the middle barrel length, set a large diameter feed plate at bottom, feed frequency even and smooth. ②increase the cool storage tank to remove air bubbles from slurry. In term of performance, featuring large amount of capacity and high concentration of underflow.

NZ(S)(also called THZ)thickener is a center-driven type,which is traditional thickening equipment with a long application history.In less than 12m of diameter,the thickener is based on the manual handle type; In more than 12m of diameter, the chickener usually adopts the electric handle type. The large-scale thickener is usually arranged with a concrete tank. There are overload indicating or alarming devices  

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Tailings dry discharge is a new technology of tailings treatment that is gradually emerging at home and abroad, that is, after the tailings slurry is concentrated in multiple stages, it is then treated by high-efficiency dehydration equipment such as dehydration vibrating screens to form a low-water content, easy to settle and solidify, and use the site to stockpile The slag can be transferred to a fixed location for dry storage.


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