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Solution to ball mill bearing failure

Solution to ball mill bearing failure



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The bearing is one of the main components of the ball mill and mainly plays a supporting role. The reduction of bearing friction resistance can effectively reduce the starting power of the ball mill and ensure the accuracy of the ball mill rotation. In actual work, ball mill bearings often have some failures during operation. Only by understanding the causes of these failures can we solve the problem of bearing failure more effectively.

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1. Bearing fault classification

Generally speaking, bearing failures can be divided into two categories: gradual and sudden. Progressive bearing failure refers to a failure that can be predicted through advance testing or monitoring. For example, a bearing shock occurs after a long period of wear, which is caused by the gradual deterioration of the initial parameters of the equipment. The other is sudden failure, which is called sudden failure due to the interaction of external factors and various adverse factors. For example, due to the interruption of lubricating oil, the thermal changes of the bearing cause cracks, and due to the overload operation of the ball mill, the bearing breaks, etc. Of course, bearing failures can also be classified in other ways.

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2. Analysis of causes of bearing failure

First, it refers to inherent reliability, which refers to the damage caused to ball mill bearings due to potential defects in structure or quality. Secondly, the reliability of use. Refers to bearing damage caused by external factors such as environment and construction conditions.

3. Analysis of bearing failure mechanism

Failure mechanism refers to the physical and chemical processes, electrical and mechanical processes that induce the failure of parts and equipment systems, and can also be said to be the cause of the failure source. When analyzing bearing failure mechanisms, the basic factors that need to be studied are at least the object, cause and result. Therefore, the occurrence of ball mill bearing failures is affected by a variety of internal and external factors such as space, time, and equipment. Some of them play a leading role, and some are the result of a combination of several factors.

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4. Ball mill bearing failure rules

Everything has its inherent laws, and bearing failure is no exception. Studying the occurrence patterns of bearing failures will help formulate more effective maintenance countermeasures. The performance and condition of the bearing will gradually decrease as the use time increases, and there will be some signs before the bearing fails, which is called potential failure. Understanding these potential failures will help us deal with upcoming equipment failures in a timely manner.

Solution to ball mill bearing failure
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