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What are the capabilities of the ball mill lining plate?

What are the capabilities of the ball mill lining plate?



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The ball mill grinds materials, and lining plates of various shapes are installed on the inner wall of the equipment barrel. The lining plate is one of the vulnerable parts of the equipment. It needs to be replaced after severe wear and tear, and the lining plate also needs to be replaced. It will affect the working ability and performance of the equipment. So what are the capabilities of the ball mill lining plate?


1. Prevent equipment cylinder deformation and extend service life

The ball mill is a large-scale grinding equipment. The barrel of the equipment is one of the important components. After installing the lining plate in the barrel, it can effectively prevent the grinding body and ore materials from impacting the barrel, and protect the barrel from Deformation and other problems prolong the use time of the equipment cylinder, and the liner is closely linked to the cylinder during installation, which improves the strength of the cylinder to a certain extent.


2. Play a role in improving materials and steel balls

The lining plates installed in the ball mill are different. The shape of the lining plates is divided into trapezoidal, ladder type, etc. When the rotary equipment is rotated, the material and the grinding body transfer energy through the shape of the lining plates and the friction between them, which plays a role in improving the performance of the ball mill. It exerts an arc parabolic motion trajectory on the material and the steel ball to realize the impact grinding of the material by the steel ball.


3. Play a grading role in steel balls

Among the various types of linings installed in the ball mill, there is a lining that can be automatically classified. This lining can classify the grinding bodies according to their different sizes. It can concentrate the grinding bodies with larger diameters into the equipment. The feed end of the equipment is used to crush large pieces of materials entering the equipment, while the grinding bodies with smaller diameters will gather at the discharge end of the equipment to finely grind the materials to ensure the quality of the equipment’s output.

What are the capabilities of the ball mill lining plate?
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