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Cyclonedust Collector

Cyclonedust Collector
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Product Description

Cyclone Collector dust collector is a type of dust removal device. The mechanism of dust removal is to make the dust-laden airflow rotate, with the aid of centrifugal force to separate the dust particles from the airflow and trap them on the wall, and then make the dust particles fall into the ash hopper with the help of gravity. Each component of the cyclone dust collector has a certain size ratio. Every change in the ratio relationship can affect the efficiency and pressure loss of the cyclone dust collector. The diameter of the dust collector, the size of the air inlet, and the diameter of the exhaust pipe are the main influencing factors. . It should be noted in use that when a certain limit is exceeded, favorable factors can also be transformed into unfavorable factors. In addition, some factors are beneficial to improve the efficiency of dust removal, but will increase the pressure loss, so the adjustment of each factor must be considered.

Cyclonedust Collector

Product Advantages

1. The tightness of the lower part of the cyclone dust collector is another important factor that affects the efficiency of dust removal. After the dust-containing gas enters the cyclone dust collector, it makes a spiral rotation movement from top to bottom along the outer wall. After this downwardly rotating airflow reaches the bottom of the cone, it turns upward and rotates upward along the axis.
2. The pressure distribution in the cyclone dust collector is that the pressure change of each section in the axial direction is small, and the pressure change in the radial direction is large (mainly refers to the static pressure), which is determined by the distribution of the axial velocity and the radial velocity of the airflow of. The airflow moves in a circle in the cylinder, and the pressure on the outside is higher than that on the inside, while the static pressure near the outer wall is the highest, and the static pressure at the axis is the lowest.
3. Even if the cyclone dust collector moves under positive pressure, negative pressure is at the shaft center, and the negative pressure extending to the ash discharge port is the largest. If it is not tight, it will cause larger air leakage and sink. The dust is bound to be carried out of the exhaust pipe by the updraft.
4. Therefore, in order to make the dust removal efficiency reach the design requirements, it is necessary to ensure the tightness of the ash discharge port, and in the case of ensuring the tightness of the ash discharge port, remove the dust at the bottom of the dust collector cone in time. When discharged, high-concentration dust will flow at the bottom, causing excessive wear of the cone.

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Cyclone Collector dust collector is a type of dust removal device.
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